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when I was a shiftworker I lived in a house that was stylish.. sort of:)It was absolutely amazing. It was the days when I rushed home to watch they oung ones.. 80s..

green carpet marone red check curtains orange plastic(vynil? it was quite hard and old, from the 50s)lounge, marone wall hangings black speaker sblue..purple. ..lime.. imagine it, all together
and the whole ceiling covered in a huge fish net. I forget the exact colours now, maybe it was a green lounge and blue check curtains.. the wall hanging was marone in various shades, and the net was black for sure. Ill ask teal if she remembers. Why oh why didnt we take photos:)>

I fully realise that in these days that would not fly:)

It was fun. I get so sad that the young I meet these days cant seem to have fun like we did without drugs. That makes me very, very old!! lol. Cos i remember feeling that *Exact* same way about my contemporaries! So it wasnt that different, just we were!
Im 39.

I didnt wantto blunder in ont he other thread.. but i wondered.. whatsthe weirdest place youve lived that way?
My parents used to have those neon orange kicthen curtains? anyone remember those?

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