Mae (getandgot) wrote in minutians,

Supermarket name badges

I really am interested in the size of the name badges that supermarket checkout people wear. Some places have RED name badges (how odd). If soemone at a checkout isnt wearing a name badge that feels odd to me. Have you noticed how supermarket name badges are everywhere? They were rare when I was a lass.

I mean it may sound trivial but that person hasnt the privacy of their name. If someone says "hello marie" or "hello "joe" and you can always see the startlement in their eyes if they dont know the name of the customer. Customers arent wearing name tags.

Overall I like the name tags, but I prefer white. I really dont know what to think about corporate provided smiley badges and easter eggs on supermarket emploee name tags. I like flashing eye santas when they are a personisation but Im sure Id have brain fugue if everyone wore them at christmas.

Has anyone worked in a supermarket? Did you wear a name tag, and what did you think of it?

I havent mentioned the materials name tags are made of. Anyone got any observations about name tags?
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