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handbag hooks

On the back of the cubicle doors in many public facilities there are hooks. I dont know if they are used in mens toilets.

These are very good for your handbag if the floor is wet, or if a girl is feeling paranoid and the gap under the door is wide enough for entrepid bag snatching.

I have noticed these little hooks are beginning to be a thing of a past. I suspect public facility design is being entrusted to young things who dont use handbags, and men who have not been properly instructed in the needs of middle aged women visiting public facilities.

In consequence On a recent holiday I found myself either nursing my handbag on my lap as I underwent certain bodlily processes, or dropping it carelessly into wetness, mostly- praise be- puddles smelling of floor cleaner. i prefer plastic beaded handbags which do not care for such treatment, but took a nice solid black leather hand bag sporting an assortment of broken zips on holidays with me.

I would really like to see the return of the handbag hook.

I am aware of the other functions of the hook, hanging up ones disposable branded plastic shopping bag full of the impulse purchase of scarves which make ones face looks hideous and red, or popping up a coat so cumbersome it is likely to drop a corner into the bowl, and I know these hooks are ideal for holding umbrellas- but I believe their major function is in the holding of handbags.

Travelling really opened my eyes about the handbag hook question.

After about fifteen visits to places without a hook I found myself in a pub loo with a hook, and a perfectly dry and clean floor. I dumped my bag on the floor and sighed with relief. I wanted to just take in the hook in its empty state. They are really very clever pieces of design. This one was a solidly anchored piece of shiny metal, with a lovely tip of blunt plastic, to protect. It was straight. Slightly underneath it, and of one moulded pice with the main projection was a small metal hook curving upwards in an invitation. The whole thing was anchored by no less than three man sized screws. Designed sensibly and carefully for our convenience and pleasure.

There is something comforting about a good strong handbag hook. A good hook says its alright that I prefer to carry a handbag. It is a very affirming experience, and makes me feel more valued as a customer or a visitor or whatever I am to the place with the place with the facilities I am visiting. There is a sense of warm reassurance- Agriculturally induced salinity may be destroying the land, but there is still a handbag hook.

Have you ever made use of a handbag hook?
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