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Oh, how I long for a coat rack

In a home as disorganized as ours, there are many things which have no place. Old boxes stay in corners for months at a time before someone grudgingly pushes them down the basement stairs and then someone else drags them off the ever-growing pile of empty cardboard boxes in the basement - just waiting to be used the next time that we move, provided they aren't too soggy from the basement's damp atmosphere.
Boxes of canned soda, and plastic containers of bottled soda find their homes against the wall in the living room. We all drink our soda warm, and there is no room for such things in our refridgerator anyway. Dozens of books don't fit the mere three book shelves in the dinning room, and find themselves piled up in corners here and there. Electronic parts of all kinds get stashed away against the walls wherever they fit, and now a large futon mattress sleeps in the middle of our dinning room floor, serving as a guest bed/cat fight arena. Plastic bags, which seem to self-multiply, float dangerously about in the kitchen.

Being the lone organizer of the household, I try my best to at least keep such piles from overflowing into walkways or taking up precious sitting places and much needed flat surfaces.
But some things get used so freqently that they don't stay in one place for very long. Shoes are one example. Shoes tend to hang out in the front doorway, but can be found lingering in other places about the abode.
Another example is coats. Coats, jackets, hooded sweaters, scarves, umbrellas, backpacks - all of these things end up strewn about everywhich way in the house. Sometimes they are picked up again within a day to be used once more, but sometimes they lie around for long periods of time, not having any closet or dresser space free to be put away into. In the summer, somehow, these things find their ways stuck far back into corners and at the bottom of large piles, so they are less visible. But in Wisconsin, we have short summers.
September - May there is need for some kind of covering most days, even be it a light, zip-up, sweatshirt.

If we had a coat rack, I often muse, there would be places for all of these jackets and things. We could leave it by the front doot and simply fling our coats and mittens at it on our way into the warmth of the house. During the dead of winter, the warmest could be the top layer, nestling themselves into the inner layer during the spring and fall seasons. In summer, we'd ignore the coat rack altogether, but the jackets would be there, all the same, awaiting colder weather.

Such a simple piece of wood or metal, wouldn't take up too much room, could make a world of difference in this chaotic, disheveled home.
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