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Am I missing the boat here? Why do people pile a ton of pillows on their bed when they make it then when the go to bed they throw them all off? Is there a use for them I don't know about?
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because they look stylish, and you might want to be propped up a bit to read!

My children each have two pillows, and usually sleep with actually none! But there is something decadent and wonderful about having two pillows. Excessive consumerism, luxury!
They enjoy mixing and matching brightly coloured pillow cases.

You know I make a nest of pillows, and then sleep with them all in place! Now thats strange:)

One of my friends has a pillow to hug. Now you and I just still have our stuffed toys, right? But he is probably a bit too insecure for that, so he hugs the pillow:)
I make a nest too... and I also hug a pillow to sleep. I don't think of it as a substitute for a stuffed animal--I think of it like training wheels, or a space saver for an additional person.

Also, I like having lots of pillows so that if the bed seems too hard you can stuff a pillow under your back, or under your knees and get more comfortable.

And they're just pretty. I never sleep with less than five pillows.

(also good to have around when you have company over: I have just one small couch and an armchair, which generally means if more than four people are watching a movie someone has to sit/recline on the floor)

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