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minutians's Journal

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A community devoted to minutiae and the ordinary, Mundane things. All the stuff of daily life. Things like grocery lists, fridge magnets, eye wear and the little plastic plugs that fall out of water pistols, or leak.

Write about the ordinary -in excruciating detail if you will, and share the mundane. If you find there is a fascination in the selection of dishwashing implements, an allure in the shapely buttons of the remote control, something compelling about a rigorous discussion of carpet pile by people who know little of floor covering manufacture, this is the place to share it.

There is something of the feel of a supportive and friendly writer's workshop about this, but Mae is acutely dyslexic so while we may go into nerve wrecking detail about grammar if the comma be the minutiae of the moment, feel no stage fright. Any old mundane writing will be received with joy!
Feel free to write at length about anything that inspires you. Especially if it is frivolously trivial. The width of supermarket dockets, the shape of bugs bunny’s ears, the way the kite crashed when the family was at the playground yesterday. The difficulties of developing an adequate ground cover under the shade of the bottlebrush tree.

Paper cuts, food wrappings, paperclips, buttons, laundry, what mother-in-law said about toothpicks eight Christmases ago, and other mundane stuff gather to fill most of our existence. How we sit in our chairs, what we think about the radio. Finely honed theories about the folding of towels or the plumping of pillows or the corners of office desks developed over many years will be at home here. Everything mundane, everything usual, is celebrated here. Let us put a spotlight to the merely ordinary.

A wonderful thing about the ordinary is that if we search our thoughts we find we have an opinion about it. We are all learned experts in aspects of the ordinary. Please use the comment sections to share your own perspective about topics, and start new entries with impunity. Lets make this a very active group!